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1.  the act of returning something to its former condition.

2. updating or restoring something to better than new condition.

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Have you ever felth a passion or connection to something or someone so strongly that you had to purse it ? This is the best analogy I can give to explain my connection with water. 


I grew up in sunny Florida spending my weekends on fishing boats. My step father was an avid fisherman and he was good.  I recall several fishing trips...the smell of the water, the wind in our hair, the sun beating down upon our faces, the boat dancing across the waves, and the many fish we caught. And so began my love affair with water.

As a teenager, I quickly adopted hobbies that revolved around rivers, the gulf of Mexico, and the beaches: sailing, skiing, windsurfing, and even skim boarding upon Florida's sandy shores. In fact, my high school senior trip was a cruise to Cancun and the Carribean and I can still vividly remember snorkeling in the the crystal clear ocean.

During college, I spent 20 weeks on the beaches of Pensacola as my attraction to the water continued to grow. I also receieved my PADI certification in scuba diving and made several dives to 90' or more - discovering up close and personal - the beauty of marine life as well as the ecological system of the ocean.


At 21, I experienced something that would unknowingly direct the course of the rest of my life. I drove a jet ski for the very first time.  As I boarded the tiny craft, I pressed the gas and quickly learned how to make the ski do spins upon the water. It was a euphoric feeling. This experience planted a seed in my heart that said, "When I get older I'm going to buy a jet ski."

In my mid twenties due to a sudden and unforseen circumstance, I discovered myself commercial fishing for clams on the Indian River in Titusville, FL. In order to get my new career launched, I traded my favorite guitar for a clamming rake and the adventure began. Although the work was difficult, my office setting was surreal. The river, the waves, and the wind were my new companions as I learned for the first time how to make a living from the water.

A few years later the "when I get older" day arrived and I purchased my very first jet ski which looked identical this one. This ski was nimble, light weight, and could jump waves with ease.


So compelling was my love for water, that I raised my three sons on my lap teaching them how to drive jet skis. In turn, all three of my sons mastered tricks while playing upon the water.

I have heard it said that if you can turn your greatest passion into your career, you will probably discover your greatest success. I accidentally did just that in 2008 while living in Nashville, TN. I had been in contracting doing bathroom and kitchen remodeling for several years when I decided I wanted some extra summer money. I owned one jet ski at the time and thought, "I can either sell this jet ski for $3500 OR I can rent it on Craigslist." I opted to rent it and my whole life changed.  I made $4000 extra that summer and I still had the jet ski. A light bulb came on. 


I decided to start a full fledged jet ski rental business in Nashville which I named Music City Water Sports. The next summer I purchased two brand new jet skis and we grew 400% that next summer. Two years later, we partnered with Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort and grew again over 100% in the first summer.

As the business grew, I added more services to meet a wide variety of water sports lover needs. We offered canoes, single kayaks, tandem kayaks, paddle boarding, and even fly boarding. Seven profitable years later, I decided that running a jet ski business was no longer my passion. Although I still loved riding jet skis and the water, I no longer wanted to own a jet ski rental business. Fortunately, I found a buyer and took a much needed vacation. 

One year prior to selling Music City Water Sports (2015), I had a crazy idea. My sons were all grown and had moved out and now I was single and wanted to do something different. I sold my condo and bought a houseboat. I purchased a 1971 36' Gibson for cash. Although it was in decent condition, it had the orginal outdated feel. The kitchen cabinets were 1970's painted white. The flooring was bright red indoor carpeting which baffled me since it was a boat.  The boat needed a major renovation. In August of 2015 I moved in and immediately began restoring it. I lived on one half of the boat, while I renovated the other. After about 8 weeks, I had it livable and I settled in. As I lived on the boat for the next five years, I slowly continued restoring it. During this time of cheap rent and yacht club living, I discovered a tremendous peace while living on the water. 

In the spring of 2020, after having completely restored 'Freedom' I decided to put her up for sale. The second person to look at her, fell in love and purchased her. If you would like to see some of the pics of the completed restoration click here. 


Within two weeks of selling 'Freedom' I had a major epiphany. Being an entreprenuer, I had spent years experimenting with a variety of businesses...mostly because I couldn't discover my greatest passion. In June of 2020, I began explaining to a good friend of mine how I could finally see all the pieces of my life coming together. (Up until this point it felt like someone had given me a 10,000 piece puzzle with no box top.) My friend called it "convergence."


The convergence became the vision and buisness plan for creating Liquid Paradise as it exists today. After stumbling around vocationally, I finally realized how all the pieces of my life fit together to create my passion of renting, restoring and selling boats in order to help others experience the love of the water. In short here is the vision of Liquid Paradise:

To educate and inspire a vision for renting, refurbishing, and selling boats and yachts

with a passion to help you discover the healing power

of the world's most beautiful beaches, islands, oceans, lakes, rivers.

This is the 'why' I rent, restore, and sell get you on the water. Everybody feels refreshed after a great day on the water. Simply's some of the absolute best therapy.


If you are looking rent a boat, buy a boat, or have a boat restored, check into our exceptional work under the tab "Restorations and Upgrades." Our restorations are the best in the business! And if you don't have a boat, rent one of our boats!